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Monday, October 19, 2009

Fun Monday ~~ Hair Today, Gone Today

Fun Monday is being hosted by none other than my mother at Myanderings. My post, in keeping with the theme of the assignment will give you the long and short of my hair raising tale.
Please note the date stamp on these two photos, not take more than 3 hours apart. No, this was not the look i was going for....lol.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Lonely Month

This past weekend I took Lil Man to his dad's for summer visitation. Man, I did not realize what an integral part of my life Lil Man is. The beast will be gone for 4 weeks. It is shaping up to be a LLLOOONNNGGG four weeks. Several of his friends have been asking for him and are eagerly awaiting his return (not sure if it is for the friendship or the two extra hands to feed the 15 bottle calves their families have). My house is not a home with out him. I thought I would be thrilled with not having to step on toys and not having to yell because he forgot to put the shower curtain INSIDE the tub or any number of irritating things Lil Man does, but I was wrong, I miss them all.

I do have one really exciting thing to look forward to, I will be going on a vacation to Iowa and getting to spend some time with a guy I am anticipating being an important part of my (and Lil Man's) life.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Aspergers...i think not

Ok, so I took this quiz and my mother likes to joke that I have Aspergers....well I dont think I do......maybe I do. I scored 26. If you want to know your Empathy Quotient, try it.