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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


IQ test score

Eyes are a window to the soul

What kind of Eyes do you have?

Eyes of Sadness and Ice
Eyes of Sadness and Ice
You Have the eyes od sadness and Ice...you hold alot of pain in your past and perhaps harbor alot of inner emotions never truly trusting those around you even if you have known them all your life after so many heart breaks you refuse to open up and let anyone else in
How do you compare?
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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Gotta Love Small Town Tx

Ok, here is a reason small towns are better than big. We go to this restaurant all the time (at least 2x/wk) and my mother is always raving about their Chicken Spaghetti. We went there the other night and that was the special. Anyone who knows me knows I dont try new things and i dont adapt to change well. Anyways, mom finally talked me into giving it a try....on one condition. I wanted to see it first, i dont eat anything i dont know what it looks like. So we walk up to the owner and say "Would it be possible to see the chicken spaghetti, cause i am neurotic" "of course, come on" She pulls it out of the oven and lets me see. Gotta love a small town mentality. I did end up ordering it. Pretty good....not all that though....i am still a die hard Taco Crunch fan.

Vienna Sausages

Ok so i was at work the other night and lucky me, i didnt have to wear my uniform. I had on the cutest flip flops. One of my co-workers (kinda, he works in a different department) came in to my domain and made the comment that i had Vienna sausage toes. Well any one that knows me, knows i am neurotic about my weight, so OMG, it was the end of the world to be told i have sausage toes. After many minutes of arguing with the guy, one of the PD officers came and said, "no they arent Vienna sausages, Vienna sausages are gross, maybe their lil' smokies?"
Do I have sausage toes?

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Blink once for yes

So my mother and i were talking and we got on the topic of people that can only communicate by blinking, my mother thought it would be funny to say blink 12 for yes and 17 for no. I thought it would be funny ot say blink the left eye for yes and the right eye for no. I personally cant blink my right eye. Talk about being able to control the outcome.

Just a random funny

Thursday, July 5, 2007

Kids Say the FUNNIEST things

Ok, so this was my first 4th of July in Hereford and in fine tradition we went to some friends house, a good time was had by most....lol. Fireworks, guns, explosives and alcohol...what more is needed.

Anyway, as the night wore down, it was time to depart, i got a ride home since i had a beer toooo many. My mom drove by the scene of the crime and my 7 y/o son said, "why is mom's car at miss brandy's?" "because your mom is a smart lady and knew she had 1 beer too many so she had someone drive her home." "i hope who ever was driving wasnt drunks, cause drunks driving drunks isnt good.", was his reply.

Then we got word today from his dad that "gunny" the ferret had died. After telling my son this the first thing out of his mouth was "and he never even learned to swim yet." WOW is all i can say.

Gotta love kids