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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Gotta Love Small Town Tx

Ok, here is a reason small towns are better than big. We go to this restaurant all the time (at least 2x/wk) and my mother is always raving about their Chicken Spaghetti. We went there the other night and that was the special. Anyone who knows me knows I dont try new things and i dont adapt to change well. Anyways, mom finally talked me into giving it a try....on one condition. I wanted to see it first, i dont eat anything i dont know what it looks like. So we walk up to the owner and say "Would it be possible to see the chicken spaghetti, cause i am neurotic" "of course, come on" She pulls it out of the oven and lets me see. Gotta love a small town mentality. I did end up ordering it. Pretty good....not all that though....i am still a die hard Taco Crunch fan.

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Myanderings said...

not to mention the CORN CHOWDER!!!!!!!!!