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Thursday, July 5, 2007

Kids Say the FUNNIEST things

Ok, so this was my first 4th of July in Hereford and in fine tradition we went to some friends house, a good time was had by most....lol. Fireworks, guns, explosives and alcohol...what more is needed.

Anyway, as the night wore down, it was time to depart, i got a ride home since i had a beer toooo many. My mom drove by the scene of the crime and my 7 y/o son said, "why is mom's car at miss brandy's?" "because your mom is a smart lady and knew she had 1 beer too many so she had someone drive her home." "i hope who ever was driving wasnt drunks, cause drunks driving drunks isnt good.", was his reply.

Then we got word today from his dad that "gunny" the ferret had died. After telling my son this the first thing out of his mouth was "and he never even learned to swim yet." WOW is all i can say.

Gotta love kids

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Myanderings said...

You have the funniest lil man! Just a little off center, but very funny...lol. Love you both.