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Monday, January 9, 2012


Well y'all new year new chapter.....CJ is starting homeschooling We have found some serious holes in his education and feel this is the very best way to allow CJ to succeed. He will have the opportunities to learn in a style that suits HIM, advance in subjects that interest HIM and muddle through the requirements of those that don't...lol. Anyone who knows my little man understands he is a bright fun boy that learns in his own way! I think his last principal summed it up very well in one short sentence "School just isn't CJ's thing" Now i know there are those of you who will say "since when is that an option" well simply put, since i am his mother....lol.

Never thought i would be a Head Mistress........a mistress and a Mistress maybe....but scholastically...WOW!!!!