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Sunday, July 29, 2007

Vienna Sausages

Ok so i was at work the other night and lucky me, i didnt have to wear my uniform. I had on the cutest flip flops. One of my co-workers (kinda, he works in a different department) came in to my domain and made the comment that i had Vienna sausage toes. Well any one that knows me, knows i am neurotic about my weight, so OMG, it was the end of the world to be told i have sausage toes. After many minutes of arguing with the guy, one of the PD officers came and said, "no they arent Vienna sausages, Vienna sausages are gross, maybe their lil' smokies?"
Do I have sausage toes?

1 comment:

Myanderings said...

No you do NOT have sausage toes and if you did - which you don't - they would be linguisa toes anyway...lol