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Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Kids say it best

My mom and I were making fun of someone with a mullet. My lil man asked what a mullet was and we were trying to explain it in terms a 7 year old could understand.......ended with "business in the front and party in the back."

Several days later, my mom and dad lost their minds at the western clothing store. In addition to the Wranglers, they bought him splendiferous cowboy boots. Black bottoms with a gorgeous red top, inset longhorns, stars - you know the kind. He loved them and proceeded to wear them with EVERYTHING. My mom was telling him how cool they were because when your Wranglers are down, they look just like plain black cowboy boots and then you could lift up your pants and voila!

And he said:

"Business on the bottom, party on the top."

We now refer to them as the "mullet boots."

1 comment:

Myanderings said...

I would rather he had the mullet boots than the mullet...lol. They go wonderfully well with his mohawk!