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Sunday, February 10, 2008

Fun Monday

Fun Monday is hosted by........me.

The assignment:
Music plays a vital role in most of our lives. It is everywhere. I want to hear the ONE song that is you. The song that whenever it is heard, you smile. I am not looking for the soundtrack of your life, just that one song. Your friends hear it and think of you. You can post the video, the lyrics, the wav file. However you want to post it is great.

The song that is "me" was "given" to my by a friend of mine. It is a recent addition to the "Julie" songs, but fit much better than it's predecessor. Thanks Myq. Even my son says "Mom, thats you." at certain lines in the song. When an 8 y/o knows its you, then how can I be wrong...lol

So... with out further ado....enjoy

Cowboy Crush performing
Miss Difficult (click the link to enjoy the tune)

She was born with her fist all cletched up for fightin'
She looked out the window and she laughed at the lightin'
Just the kind of citizen this town needs
Welcome to Difficult Tennessee

Yeah Yeah

She was born in the sight of her sister and her brother
She tended to bite when they tried to hug her
She ran with the dogs, she'd be gone for hours
She climbed on the trees and she dug up the flowers

Oooh Oooh

Raised on the banks of Defeated Creek
Every boy around was in love
With the black eyed critter with the little bare feet
That they called Miss Difficult

She was skippin' outta school when she was only seven
She hot-wired a truck at the age of eleven
Beautiful child, blessed by nature
Breakin' hearts left and right when she was a teenager

Oooh Oooh OoohYeay Yeay

There's never been a beauty pagent in this town
But everybody knows well enough
There ain't nobody gonna take that crown
Away from Miss Difficult

Any guy would be wise to watch his manners
She comes down hard like ball peen hammer
Tell her what she wants to hear, Don't you bust her bubble
And watch how you say it or there's gonna be trouble

Here she comes, Miss Difficult
Oh yeay, Miss Difficult
Oh yeay, Miss Difficult
Oooh Oooh Oooohyeay Yeay YeayYeayYeay.

Click the link at the top to visit the rest of the Fun Monday Players and check back with Sayre for next weeks assignment.


Mariposa said...

Miss Difficult?! Ha! Lovely difficult...thanks for being such a wonderful host!

Sandy said...

Miss Difficult? Surely not...lol. Love you, baby. Great topic and a great job hosting.

Thank you.

Junebug said...

Was that the Dixie Chicks singing? Good song. Thanks for the Fun Monday idea. Great job.

alisonwonderland said...

i think that title fits me too! (i've been listening to the Dixie Chick's "I'm Not Ready to Make Nice" a lot lately, although i picked something else for Fun Monday.)

thanks for being a terrific host! happy Monday!

Debs said...

I have never heard this song before. I LOVE it! I did dig up my mom's flowers once. *LOL*

Debs said...

BTW Thank you for hosting this week.

ChrisB said...

I've never heard this song before and it made me smile ~we'll have to ask your mom if it fits!!
BTW my post is up.

Yummy said...

Thanks for being a wonderful host...and what a nice theme for FM!

Jettie said...

Cute!! I think i may have heard it but not sure!! And cudos on picking a great Fun Monday though I was one day ahead!!

Peter said...

I just might have picked a different song had I been you... Who would have known????on

Peter said...

I just might have picked a different song had I been you... Who would have known????

Sayre said...

That should be every little girl's mantra. The more difficult, the more interesting!

ellen b. said...

Sounds like it would be fun to meet you in person! :) Not for a fight mind you...
Thanks for hosting and being so darn organized, I love it!

kitten said...

Very good song. I really enjoyed this Fun Monday, And I really needed this lift. Thank you so much!

Faye said...

That's good when those around you recognize that Miss Difficult is your song--keep it up!

Robocop said...

Interesting song. You must have been a hand full.

Robin said...

Ah...I think it's sweet how your mom diplomatically commented ;). I am curious, though, exactly which lines reminded your son of you! There were some FUNNY ones in the lyrics!

I could've chosen a thousand songs for this Fun Monday theme...so it was a reach to choose just one (but I managed).

Thanks for hosting--Fun theme! :)


The Rotten Correspondent said...

Well, now, that's a fun song! I hadn't heard that before.

Thanks for hosting this week. This was a lot of fun!

lisa marie said...

Miss Difficult? Really? You? :) I think I'll stay away from your biting teeth. :)

Aoj & The Lurchers said...

Another new one on me and a great song! Thank you for hosting and it's been a brilliant subject!

mjd said...

Thank you for hosting this week's Fun Monday. You have done a fabulous job of hosting. I have had such a good time listening to everybody's songs. I find it very difficult to believe that you resemble Miss Difficult...but if you say so. (I don't want to amke you mad.)

SongBird said...

What a great song!

Kaytabug said...

I loved this theme! Thanks so much for hosting. Great job.
Your song sounds like a fun song which probably indicates you are a ton of FUN!!

Alison said...

Great song..I think I can relate to you!!

thanks for hosting!! you picked a great topic!!

Karina said...

I love it! That's a fun song. And thanks for hosting, you did a great job!

Sauntering Soul said...

Thanks so much for hosting this week! I love your song choice. I've heard so many new songs and artists this week and since I love music, I'm pretty darn happy about that.

Jo Beaufoix said...

Thanks for hosting such a great Fun Monday. And brill choice. :D

Sandy said...

Tag! You're it!