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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Status Update

Greets Y'all!!!!!! If only updating here were as easy as on FB...lol. Just touching base with my vast readership....lol

Summer is over and te new school year has begun for my little (not so little any more) man. He has begun his first middle school year at the wonderful learning institution known as

He LOVES it. His first day was great. He has mastered the art of opening a combination locker. They have already had a school function "Back to School Bash" and it was well attended and fun was had by all. Hoping the rest of the year goes as swimmingly.

In other news: my oh so adorable APHA mare turns out not to be who I thought she was. When I purchased her I received "her" registration papers. They said she is a 3 y/o APHA mare....the horse I have is 5-5 1/2 years old. So I do not have registration papers for the mare I own. Luckily it doesn't change the fact she is AWESOME!!!!! Just means no APHA sanctioned shows for us until we can get the paper mess figured out. Speaking of shows we will be doing our first riding show on the 11th of Sept. We are intending to enter the halter class, trail class and the walk/trot class. Keep your fingers crossed for us.

Mean while back on the ranch: I have joined the local Roller Derby team

My derby name is Irish Whipsky and I am trying really hard to learn how to do this well. I had never skated prior to this so it is a whole new thing for me. The girls are wonderful and the family atmosphere is a blast. Support your local roller derby team!!!

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