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Thursday, November 7, 2013

a cat-ass-trophe

My mom is writing this post for me.  This is why.

Friday, I was on vacation in Kansas.  I woke up with a headache so bad that I was throwing up from the pain.  No, I did not call my mom, as I am sure she will mention at least half a dozen more times.  I got up and my headache did not get better.  It stayed as bad and I stayed as sick.  I stayed so sick that my friends decided that I should pay a visit to the hospital.

I walked out on their lovely porch, leaned over the railing, and puked.  Did I mention that they live out in the country and they have a LOT of outside cats?  You know, the kind where you start out with one of each and end up with multitudes.  Anyway, I puked.  It was basically pure chicken broth which is what I had been mainlining because the only thing worse than puking chicken broth is puking your innards.  The cats, smelling broth, came running!

They thought they had found the mother lode of chicken broth.  Speaking of mothers, did I mention that I did not call mine?  Anyway, back to the cats.  Three of them gathered, scarfing up chicken broth from the ground.  Little did they know that I was not done.

I leaned over the porch rail and puked directly on the cats.

Did they care?  Heck, no, they just started licking each other!!!  and people say that dogs are gross!

....to be continued

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