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Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Tag Shmag

I have been tagged by Mom (Sandy) of Myanderings to reveal 7 random things about myself.

1. Something that has just been revealed to me....i am a celibate slut. I say this because of the misconception that i engage in "relationships" with numerous other wise attached people.

2. I am colorblind. Please refrain from the "what color is.......?" questions.

3. I put my socks and work boots on before i pull my uniform pants up but put my "civi" pants all the way on before my socks and shoes.

4. If i thought vampires, in the Hollywood sense, were real, i would be one.

5. My dog Alex meant more to me that most people i know. He was always there for me, loved me unconditionally and never judged me.

6. I have a fear of locking my doors. i am afraid i will get "trapped" inside when someone comes to kill me

7. I love to do cryptograms.


Sandy said...

OK, baby, for the gazillionth time, locks keep the killers OUT! Please learn this. LY

Robocop said...

Interesting facts. And what sandy said.

laurie said...

hilarious about the pants. i swear.

is this my tag? yikes. i can't thikn of seven interesting things about myself. but i'll give it a go....

Junebug said...

Ok, so I will have to work on my tag a few moments before I can post it. Maybe even a day, but I will comply with the law! :D I got up late today!

Shorty said...

i love u anyway baby girl

AnGlOpHiLe FoOtBaLl FaNaTiC said...

You know, I had a dog I felt that way about. And, my philosophy teacher said, "Well, dogs don't have souls, so it's gone." Which was awful. I think God will allow us those things that made us happy when we reach heaven, so I hope I will see her again. And, I loved her to the point, that I am contemplating using her name for a future daughter.

Robin said...

Your mom's comment cracked me up...she's such "the mom" :).

Why do we bloggers post this stuff?? Most of our closest friends don't even know the random facts we reveal on the www (lol).

You're an interesting girlie-Q, and my dog is at my feet, loving me unconditionally even as I type away :).


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