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Saturday, February 5, 2011

I am a Foster Mom

No that does not mean I have changed my last name to Foster. LOL. Today I picked up my foster dog, Sabbath. She is a 7 month old Great Dane. She was rescued by The Great Dane Club of Amarillo (of which I am a member) 3 weeks ago but needed a new foster home toady, due to health complications with her foster parents. When she came into rescue you could count each vertebra and see her hip and shoulder bones. She has steadily been putting on weight and is looking oh so much better. Here a couple pics of her meeting the gang here.

<---Sabbath and Ollie meeting.

Sabbath and Scooby saying "Hi"------->
(aren't you glad we dont greet like dogs?)


Sandy said...

She is a pretty baby...have fun!

Pamela said...

awww... how fun. I would like to live where I have some huge yard area to take care of a dog like that.