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Monday, February 7, 2011

Fun Monday ~~ 2/7/11

Fun Monday this month is being hosted by Molly of Return of the White Robin. Her assignment this week is to tell what we would do if gifted with 10 million dollars.

This is an easy one for me. I think about this every time I play the lottery....lol.

I would fund the redoing of kitchen at my son's school. The kitchen feeds not only my son's school but the school next door also. The kitchen feeds grades PRE-K thru 12th. They do a fantastic job with home made meals everyday. I would love to see it done easier with a more efficient kitchen.

Second, I would endow two scholarships for a complete Catholic education K-12 at St. Joe's and Holy Cross. One boy and one girl would be selected per year to receive the scholarship.

Third, I would pay for the remainder of one of my co-workers daughter's education. She is in college and there is a real possibility the money will run out before she finishes. Unfortunately the family makes to much to qualify fir financial aide but not enough to afford school.


Richard said...

Wow .. Those seem like you have given them some thought. Good morning

Molly said...

Julie, Thank you for joining the 10 million dollar Fun Monday. You must be a very generous person. I bet you already help others in many ways.

Kim said...

Money well spent. You sound like a very giving person. (I spent some $ on myself, tho.)

Pamela said...

I love the idea of a kitchen makeover for your school
Have you thought about asking ABC's home makeover to consider that as one of their ideas.

Maybe because it is private and "religious" they would be hands off. Who knows.

Sayre said...

What a wonderful way to spend the money!!!