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Monday, January 7, 2013

Day one

Well folks, last night was my first night at the gym.  I will say it is a very clean, friendly (not aggressively friendly), well run establishment.  There were plenty of apparatuses for everyone and no loud obnoxious people. 

I got on my selected torture device, the elliptical machine, and set off at a moderate pace.  The thing is all computerized and wants all kinds of information.  I elected to do the manual program since I have no experience.  It asked for an amount of time I wish to exercise.....hmmm 25 minutes sounds good.  As the first few minutes ticked by I began to think that was maybe a little too ambitious..lol.  I will go for 10 minutes..lol. As the ten minute mark approached I was very happy to almost be done, but we know me, I am not a quitter. I decided I would go two more minutes...then two more.....then two more and before I knew it I had gone 30 minutes and over two miles.  Hey don't laugh, I am a fat out of shape girl. 

Wish me luck tonight.

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Sandy said...

I am proud of you!