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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Week one

Well y'all I have made it through my first week (almost) of going to the gym.  Tonight will be my fifth night and I must say I am kind of proud of myself.  On night one I did 2 miles in 30 minutes - a 15 minute mile. Last night I did 2 miles in 24 minutes - a 12 minute mile (yes I finished out my remaining 6 minutes).  A 3 minute improvement in 4 days is pretty good in my opinion.  I have gotten use to the new schedule and actually seem to enjoy it. 

I will admit, I am a creature of habit.  I selected an elliptical machine my first night and used the same machine on night two, well the third night - gasp - someone was on "my" elliptical machine.  At least last night all was right with the world, "my machine was available.  Yay!!!!! 

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Sandy said...

I have been delighted to be one of your habits this week! thanks for all the lunches, hon!