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Thursday, December 18, 2014

Come on now.....

So, i am in the process of find, securing financing and purchasing a new to me vehicle. Today I went down to a dealership I have done business with before, my family has done ALOT of business with and spoke with a very nice salesperson.  This post is not a rant about her, it is a rant about the absurdity of the car industry.  I have a decent SUV with minor issues but very high miles.  Hence the car shopping...lol.  Well anyways, I wanted to use this for a trade in to offset the down payment.  The take my beloved SUV and do their "appraisal"  and they come back with the offer of a lifetime.  How could i afford not to take it......they will give me a whole whopping $300 trade in for my vehicle.  Um, how about no.  I can get a big write off donating it.  I can keep it for that price.  That was an insult and not even worth the drive over there.  Oh well on to more vehicles to look at and experiences to have.

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