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Sunday, December 23, 2007

The Circus

On the way down to Abilene to meet lil man's dad, we (my mother, my lil man and I) played various car games. The one I am going to write about is "I am went to the circus and I saw......" If you don't know how it is played, in alphabetical order each person adds something they saw at the circus after reciting the previous additions. Here is our circus....

I went to the circus and I saw:
An alligator
A bare back rider
Some clowns
A dressed up dog
An elephant
A fighting Horse
A grizzly bear
A hippopotamus
An Igloo
A juggler
A koala bear
A lion
A monkey
A nightingale
An opossum
A 'possum
A quarantined Lynx
A red robin
A st-st-stuttering cow
A titmouse
An umbrella cockatoo
A very hairy ape
A water buffalo
That Antelope thing in Africa that starts with X
A Yak
A Zebra

As you can tell, lil man must be mine and i must be my mother's since apparently none of us went to a normal circus...lol


Shorty said...

i don't see the problem,sounds like a perfictly normal circus 2 me. love u .

Sandy said...

and the menu for "I went on a picnic and I took..." will be posted tomorrow!

Fighting horses! snort!