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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Tougher than tough

*****Disclaimer: This is NOT a sweet happily-ever after story*****

Today my lil man did me proud. After a day of shopping in Amarillo, we made it back to our lil town, picked up the lil man from school and headed my mom's home. As we opened the doors to get out of the car, mom' neighbor pulled up and got out to talk to us. She asked my lil man to head inside for a few. When he was out of earshot she advised us that Maggie Mae (the stray dogs that have taken up residence on the land my mother's house is on) and Zena (the yard dog in the adjacent business) had gone walk about and found themselves at the FFA/4H Project Animal Barn and in fine dog fashion, dispatched some young child's show calf/steer. Charges were being pressed on the owner of the one dog but since Maggie Mae do not have owners there would be no charges for them. While Maggie Mae do not belong to anyone, Mae has adopted my lil man. For those that aren't familiar with Mae click here and read about her. She loved lil man soooo much, he was the only one to get near her. She would give him her belly, bath him in kisses and follow him around the yard.

Well as anyone familiar with rural living in an area primarily devoted to livestock knows, livestock killers must be destroyed. After talking with neighbor and the dogs were identified by a witness, I went in the house and explained to little man what had happened. I explained the consequence of the dogs actions. He tried sooo hard to be brave but a his eyes filled up and a few tears fell. I hugged him and talked to him. He knew that is was something that had to be done. After he got himself together, we talked of it some more and he said he would catch Mae. It would be easier on her to have someone she trusted get her. Heavy hearted but with steel will, he went out side, sat in chair and Mae came over, he petted her, talked to her and loved her. Then i took out a leash and when i approached Mae ran (nothing unusual there). I gave lil man the leash, he put it in his pocket and loved on her some more. When he tried to put the leash on her she bolted. She has never worn a collar or leash. She got up under the house and hid. Lil man was patient and just talked softly. Finally Mae come out. Lil man got the leash on her and she ran, he held on (and has the scraped up hand to prove it). The neighbor came in and helped lil man.

Possession of Maggie (easy to catch) and Mae was turned over to the responsible persons and all 3 dogs were taken out of view and quickly, yet humanly destroyed.

I can say with out hesitation that the pride i felt has no measure. My pride and joy, my lil man, my son......showed maturity beyond his 8 years and put the comfort and feelings of another living creature front and center.

He is my hero.


Sandy said...

and mine, hon, and mine! Great post, even greater kiddo.

Sandy said...

i am proud of u'r lil man. love u both.

Sandy said...

sorry that was u'r dad on mom's id.

Junebug said...

That would be the saddest thing to have to do. I don't really see how someone so young could be brave enough to do it. He is very mature.