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Thursday, December 20, 2007

A country idea

The following is a conversation between lil man and I.

"Mom, do you know what they should use for Taxi's in the country?"

"What bubba"

"Tractors......and they should call them Traxi's"

Gotta love the thought processes of an 8 y/o. I sure do love him


Sandy said...

My grandson, the future traxi driver!

Megnificent said...

LOL He's inventive. Love the new Christmas pic of you two!

Shorty said...

i would like atraxi ride.

Junebug said...

How would you hale a traxi?

Robocop said...

I would love to tell the taxi driver to take a short cut.

Crown Princess said...

Meg - Thanks, that lil boy's smile just mets my heart

Junebug - I think a CowBell is used

RoboCop - I would like to see em paralle park