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Monday, December 17, 2007

O Christmas Tree

Last night my son and I put up the Christmas tree. As i was watching him place the beautiful blue and silver ornaments (hey what can i say, i am a Dallas Cowboys fan, yes even after last nights humiliating defeat) on our tiny 4 footer, i was taken back to when i was a child and got to help decorate our families tree. Every year we would go scour the tree lot (our local High School sold trees) for the biggest, prettiest, fullest, greenest, well you get the idea, 10ft+ tree we could find. It was usually between 10-12 feet tall. After much shoving, tugging and trimming (not quite as bad as National Lampoons Christmas Vacation) the tree was centered and it's best side facing forward. Then would come the box after box after box of ornaments. These ornaments spanned generations, there were some my grandma made as a child, some her parents brought over from Italy when they immigrated here, some my father and uncles made and some all of us grandchildren made. It was truly a family tree. (I had the 7ft tree with the blue and silver ornaments in my room, what can i say, i was spoiled...lol) I can only hope that some time in my life, i will be in a place to share that with my lil man.
Merry Christmas everyone


Sandy said...

Aw, baby, you already are. Did you see his eyes last night? He was SO excited!

Great memories, you spoiled twit!

Love you.

Crown Princess said...

Thanks mom, sometimes i worry i am not enough

Megnificent said...

Aw, you're a great momma, Julie. I can tell that just by being around CJ. :)

Shorty said...

u'r the mom c.j. needs. love u baby girl.