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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Geography 101

When i was a kid, waiting for the mailman at Christmas time was a favorite past time of mine. He was like an everyday Santa, he brought beautiful cards from the far corners of the world, packages from relatives unable to be there and every parents nightmare, THE BIG TOY BOOK.

Now, i am sure all of you taken a geography course at some point in your lives. My family from the Boston area ALWAYS sent gifts out to us in the San Francisco area.

I opened my one gift early and i received a USC Trojans Sweatshirt. Now at this age i would understand, but at the age of 10 (and geographically challenged) I was very confused. I asked my grandma why and she said cause to our family in Ma, California is California with no distinction between Northern and Southern. Well any Californian can tell you there is a HUGE difference.

I think my grandma still blames them for my move down south....lol

Merry Christmas