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Sunday, January 23, 2011


Over the past few days I have been seriously contemplating the idea of home schooling my lil man. He has been in private school a majority of his academic career with one foray in to the public school arena that did NOT go well.

Bubba is a very smart kiddo but he is having A LOT of behavioral issues in school. Not to mention that his grades are suffering from the need to be a class clown. He is constantly saying he "wasn't taught that" about darn near everything.

Home schooling would allow me to know for sure what he was being taught (not that i don't think his school is doing a fabulous job) and he would not be able to disrupt others learning opportunity.

Guess I will be doing come research and then making a decision.

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Sandy said...

Whatever you decide to do, I will do my very best to help.