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Monday, January 3, 2011

Fun Monday 1~3~11

Ok, I haven't participated in Fun Monday in a while but this months host is Ari and she wants to know what's in my winter arsenal. Super easy one for me to answer. I am an Ugg whore. My winter wear (and summer and spring and fall if the truth be told) are the following:

Now, If you dont own a pair, i HIGHLY recommend them. After you go get your Uggs, head back over to Ari's and check out everyone else's posts.


ari_1965 said...

Well, there are worse things to be!

I do not own and have never owned a pair of Uggs. I don't know why. It might be because the first pair I ever saw, years ago, were so ugly I never took them seriously.

Maybe I need to give them a second chance.


Faye said...

Well I think Uggs are like some dog breeds--so ugly they're cute. And they've got to be totally comfortable. Now you've got me trying to think if there's something I'm that passionate about. . .

Sandy said...

Careful, guys, it's contagious. I know own UGG slippers and a pair of boots! Very comfy even if they are ugly...kind of like the ET of footwear. Still not as ugly as CROCS..lol.

Molly said...

I do not own any Uggs; nor, do I own any boots. Maybe I will follow your suggestion and buy a pair. In any event, I hope that you are staying warm this winter.