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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Survey says??

Today's topic of conversation stems from last Monday's Fun Monday. My ultimate favorite shoe in the whole wide world are Uggs. I own 3 pair currently and with the addition of Lily (my sweet mare) I am in need of a pair of barn shoes. It certainly wouldn't do to ruin a gloriously wonderful pair of Uggs at the barn. Not to mention the super soft suede and sheep skin lining doesn't offer much in the way of protection. So, I have been considering getting a pair or Justin Lacer's, which would necessitate me venturing back into the world of sock wearers UUGGGHHHH!!! Or........ there are 3 particular styles of Uggs that would and do fit the bill for barn wear. Do I go with the tried and true Justin's (and socks yuck)?
Or do i pick one of these three styles? If so, which ones? They are: Top Left - Broome II, Top Right - Jillian, and Bottom Middle - Finnegan
Vote in the comments section. Thanks

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Sandy said...

Justins and toe socks!