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Monday, January 24, 2011

Fun Monday ~~ 01-24-11

This month's host for Fun Monday is Ari from A Prawn of Fate and for this week's assignment she wants to know: What is the most beautiful sound in the whole world? Once you've told us that, give us the flip side, too: What is the sound you dislike the most?

This is a hard question. I think one of my favorite sounds is one of my deputies coming across the radio saying "Subject in custody, everything 2.0" which means we got the bad guy and all my guys are safe.

Another of my favorite sounds is my adorable son saying "OOOOOH, i understand it now" Having him learn and understand something is music to my ears. Closely followed by his saying "I remember that" (memory retention is not his strong suit....lol)

what sound do i dislike the most, hmmmm I have a couple of these too and they are in direct opposition with my favs. #1 "Shots fired shots fired" coming across the radio. Until I know it was my guys firing not the "other" guys it is a horrible sound.

#2 "I was never taught that." "I don't know" both utter by my son more often than not!!!

Now for some great and not so great sounds, headed back over to Ari's and see what others have to say.


Jill said...

I can't imagine having a scary job that means people's lives are in danger. I can see how that would be something awful. It's so great to see kids learn, isn't it? I guess you know, if he was never 'taught' something, he can't learn it, however, since he does clown around a lot, there's a chance he missed it while he was goofing off, right? I wish you the best, I think your son looks about old enough to sit down and talk to him about him having responsibility in his own education. He can't learn if it's not listening. Or, he'll have to learn from reading the book every single night instead of getting to do 'fun things' he'd like to do. That way, he's being taught, even if he does it himself. I don't envy you in the slightest. Good luck.

Kim said...

The thing I mentioned that I do not like is getting a phone call in the middle of the night. :( Your work would be x 10 that.

Molly said...

You have another perspective on sounds. Hearing that the bad guy is caught and that your guys are safe has to be a relief. Shots fired, of course, must be terribly frightening.

Sayre said...

I imagine you spend some time holding your breath on your job... One of my brothers is a police officer in Atlanta.

My son... when he says "I don't know" that means he sticks with it until he does. Even if it means his dad and I have to take turns keeping him on task!

Sandy said...

Good ones, Juls!